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Lobby 6:30 PM · Seating 7:00 PM · Show 7:30 PM · Runtime 60 minutes


Week 1: Thu, Nov 30 · Fri, Dec 1 · Sat, Dec 2

Week 2: Thu, Dec 7 · Fri, Dec 8 · Sat, Dec 9 *

Sun, Dec 10 (Emergency/Cancellation Date)

Sat, Dec 9th will feature an ASL interpreter.

All tickets are general admission based on a pay-what-you-can system.


Presale tickets are offered at three tiers ($25, $30, and $35). We will release a minimum of thirty by-donation tickets at the door every night (any offering accepted).


We will section off a masked-only area each night for those with health concerns in one part of the theater.

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre

1500 East Lake St

Minneapolis, MN 55407



Long ago, long before the Viking Age, before the Iron Age and the Bronze Age, other peoples inhabited the regions we know as Scandinavia. They worshiped gods that have been forgotten, as they, too, have been forgotten. But perhaps small remnants of these gods survived in the myths of the Early Norse.


Vanaheimr is said to dwell to the west of Asgard. It is an old place. It is a place of deep beauty, of forests and lakes and rivers. But long ago, the world was colonized by the Æsir... and now, the Vanir have been summoned to fight alongside their colonizers. The Fox & Beggar Theater presents "VANAHEIMR: Stories of the Lesser," a fusion of classical poetry, shadow puppetry, live Nordic folk music, and contemporary dance, set within a dark winter forest.

The slideshow photos are from our preview production of the show, which performed at the Cedar Cultural Center December 22, 2022. Photography by Hal Lovemelt.


Due to heavy themes, VANAHEIMR is recommended for ages ten and up.


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