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The Fox & Beggar Theater

November 30 - December 9 2023

tickets on sale October 2nd

A fusion of classical theater, shadow puppetry, Nordic folk music, and contemporary ballet, VANAHEIMR reimagines Early Norse sagas from the perspective of the Vanir – deities that existed in Scandinavia long before the Bronze Age altered the continent of Europe forever.

The production will be performing the first two weekends of December at the Heart of the Beast's Avalon Theater in South Minneapolis. Tickets on sale October 2nd.

Photos from our preview production of the show are below, which performed at the Cedar Cultural Center December 22, 2022. Photography by Hal Lovemelt.


Written and Directed by Nat Allister

Produced by Nat Allister + Molly DeBower 


Music composed by Kat Parent,

and performed by Kat Parent, Mili Judge-Becker, Nat Allister, and Josh Conroy



Willie Johnson as Bragi

Rhiannon Fiskradatz as Nerthus

Puppetry by Becca Mellstrom, Alex Young, & Sofia Padilla

Choreography by Gabby Abram

Costuming by Kathy Kohl & Rhiannon Fiskradatz
Set Design by Rachel Eilts

Light Design by Trevor Zapiecki

Sound Design by Richard Lee Graham

Stage Management by Ches Cipriano

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