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In May/June 2015, Tarocco: A Soldier’s Tale premiered over two weekends at Asheville’s most iconic venue.

Tarocco tells the story of an Italian WWI infantryman, trapped behind enemy lines after narrowly escaping the gas attacks at Caporetto. To pass the time, the soldier comforts a dying comrade with stories using the images from an ancient deck of playing cards known as the Tarocco Piemontese (a predecessor of modern Tarot cards). What follows is a spellbinding and dark narrative based on the Fool’s Journey of the Tarot.

Each new card brings to the stage a mysterious new character, leading the doomed soldier through twenty-one wondrous labyrinths of the human imagination. Opening on the centennial of World War I, Tarocco blends history and fantasy into a wholly new kind of theatrical experience. The feature-length score of Tarocco was written by Nashville composer/producer Marcin Bela and mixed/mastered by Grammy-award winning audio engineer Kyle Ginther. The music was performed live by electronic world bass trio Raga Sutra. 


Written, Directed, and Produced

by Nat Allister


A Soldier's Tale
Spring 2015

Poster art by Emily Wildwood



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